Surveying Services

Drone Roof Inspections

Roof inspections used to be a timely and costly exercise with the need of either scaffolding or scissor lifts to gain access to roof height level. Our drone technology now makes roof inspections more cost effective. There are also significant down-time and safety benefits in utilising cutting edge drone inspection technology by eliminating the dangers involved from scaffolding and scissor lifts. Now you can assess a roof condition safely from the ground or on your pc as we record HD footage and take multiple Hi-Res imagery so that you can access the files from the comfort of your office.

  • CAA Licensed & Insured Roof Inspections

  • Clear High Resolution Photography

  • Multiple Site Visits (if required)

  • HD Video Footage

  • Edited HD Video Productions (with music and branding)

Drone Aerial Surveys/Inspections

At Skyimage we have multiple setups to allow us to cater for other types of inspections throughout the UK and abroad consisting of Buildings, Bridges, Power lines, Wind Turbines, Solar panels and any other tall or hard to reach structures/infrastructre. We always have extra equipment at hand and operate from our mobile van which has been kitted out with its own charging facilities onboard which allows us to re-charge on site for those longer projects where multiple flights are needed. We also have onboard wifi so we can upload images there and then whilst on site which can come in handy for faster receipt of certain images but also allows you to delegate alternative shots that may not have been thought about from the initial briefing which would save a site re-visit and therefore saving you the extra cost.

Image Portal Library

Studying and organising large numbers of inspection and survey images can be complicated and time consuming especially as large parts of a roof can look similar to one another. Our market leading image portal can now provide a solution to this problem. Once we have completed our drone survey or inspection we now upload the images to our image portal. Within the browser based portal you can view and zoom into the high resolution photographs individually. You can then view the exact location of the GPS tagged image which is then simultaneously displayed on a satellite map so that you can see exactly which part of the roof you are viewing. This has been a great success with our clients.

Building Surveys

We can provide both aerial photographs and footage that gives building surveyors a clear view of the structure without the need to erect scaffolding, use cherry pickers or scissor lifts. This not only eliminates the health and safety risks associated with working at height but also allows you to view the structure from multiple angles quickly and easily and more cost effective.

The UAS features a video downlink to monitors on the ground so you can see the footage being captured by our pilots in real time to ensure you're getting exactly what you need. The footage can be saved and viewed/edited at a later date and watched from the comfort of your pc. This makes it ideal for feasibility and for planning studies, architectural overlays for modelling, planning drawings, condition surveys, road and bridge inspections, roof surveys and rail track inspections.

We provide aerial Building Surveys throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.

  • Hi- Res Aerial Photographs

  • HD Aerial Footage (raw or edited)

  • Ideal for CGI imagery

  • Aerial 3D Modelling survey

Insurance Surveys


UAS are ideal for conducting visual surveys of damaged property from a safe distance. We can provide close up photographs and footage of damage caused by fires, high winds and floods without the risk of entering a potentially unsafe building.

We were called in for a listed building that was damaged due to a fire. The roof had collapsed in and the remaining walls left standing could collapse at any time. This was extremely dangerous for site inspectors to inspect the site. We supplied hi-res imagery to help assist with the inspection but also supplied a 3D model so that structural engineers, surveyors and insurance inspectors could walk around the model from their pc and inspect the entire building as if they were actually walking around on site themselves. This was a massive tool to help assess the damage and cause of the fire and couldn't have been achieved without our input.

We provide aerial Insurance Surveys throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.

  • Hi- Res Aerial Photographs

  • HD Aerial Footage (raw or edited)

  • Aerial 3D Modelling survey which allows a walkthrough of the building.

CAA Approved and Fully Insured

Skyimage is fully insured with £5m public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with permissions for aerial work granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Our pilots are BNUCs qualified, operating UAV adhering to strict safety and operational rules.  We operate from a safe location away from all workers and machinery. Safety is our main priority at all times and we can provide risk assessments for every job.

  • All Staff are FULLY trained

  • CAA Approved

  • PPE worn at all times

  • Site survey and risk assessments provided (as required by law)