How can I benefit from your service?


SKYimage specialises in professional aerial cinematography and photography.  Whether it is a promotional video, or aerial photography, we will deliver a service and product that exceeds your expectations. Having invested over Tens of thousands of pounds utilising our own developed remote controlled vehicles, customized with our multi million pixel digital cameras with the highest quality lenses, we can capture unique low-altitude angles in positions that cannot be accessed by manned aircraft. This allows for production of superior quality photos and video footage in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're a Surveyor, top end Estate Agent, Architect or any business needing stunning imagery in film or photography for your clients that will set you apart from the rest then we can provide the competitive advantage you are looking for within your industry.


How much does it cost?


Our rates do vary as certain factors need to be considered when supplying you with a quote. We prefer to quote on an individual basis or having discussed or been fully briefed on the proposed project with you. Our prices range from £200 upwards depending on what you require along with other variables such as any additional CAA requirements needed, the associated risk with the shoot and the location just to name a few. Therefore we do recommend getting in touch and giving us a much detail as possible to help us give you a more accurate quote.


All prices are subject to being at one location only. If multiple locations are required then prices will change accordingly.


All prices include camera operator and mobile charging. Prices do not include travel or accommodation.


With regards to travelling expenses, anything within a 20mile radius of us is free. Here on after we charge 45p per mile but please get in touch as we may be in the area working on another project which we can then save you some costs.


Each project differs on price depending on what is needed therefore please do contact us with your project demands where we are more than happy to help. We cater for all types of work including Film Production, Estate Agents, Architecture, Marketing, Weddings, Construction, Leisure, Inspections, Retail, Surveys plus much more.


Availability, Booking & Deposit


Due to the nature of the filming industry and working with multiple staff, we do ask our clients to commit when booking our services in advance. Unless previously agreed or if time doesn’t permit, we usually require 35% of the booking to be PAID UPFRONT with the remainder of the balance settled upon completion.

Due to the sporadic UK weather we are very flexible when working with our clients. Many of our jobs are booked last minute. However we do ask that prior to each job that we have enough time to carry out any risk assessments, site surveys and pre-flight checks to ensure that the job can be undertaken safely, adhering to the CAA rules & regulations of our operating licence.

We are happy to pencil in dates for potential jobs. However, actual paid bookings will always take priority. Naturally, if someone has a date pencilled in we will always offer them first refusal if another booking doesn't materialise. 


What weather conditions can you fly in?


Great question. Wind and rain are the main elements that effect if we can fly or not. Wind speeds gusting greater than 20mph are unsafe for our systems, below this we can fly but recommend speeds below 15mph to allow for the most accurate and stable flight. We try to avoid flying in any rain (including light drizzle) as water and electronics don’t mix well as you can imagine.


How long can you fly?


This depends upon payload, the size and weight of the camera we are lifting. At the time of writing (August 2014) we are experimenting with new power systems that should allow for a 15min plus flight time and up to 20mins in the air with smaller payload.


We carry a large compliment of extra batteries with us, it is a simple case of landing and taking less than a minute to change to new batteries. We also carry portable charging equipment that allows us to re-charge batteries wherever we may be so we can fly all day.


How high, and how fast can you fly?


We are limited to a 400ft max altitude by the CAA in the UK (and this is very similar across the globe). In most cases we rarely need to go anywhere near this height.


Wind speed plays a role in how fast we can fly, 30-50mph is not uncommon if needed depending on what the object is that you want to capture.


Where can you fly?


We can fly in most locations as long as the correct safety precautions and permissions are met. Our permission for aerial work from the CAA limits us to the following:


  • - During daylight hours

  • - In dry weather with a windspeed no greater than 20mph

  • - At a maximum altitude of 400ft

  • - A maximum of 500 metres from the operator

  • - Outside of 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons

  • - Outside of 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under our direct control

  • - With permissions from any landowner on whose land will be used for takeoff and landing


However we have a very good relationship with the CAA, and on a job-by-job basis we can apply for permission to fly outside of these limits. That said, we will not fly over large crowds of people, over main roads or anywhere the pilot deems to be unsafe and not worth the risk. Our systems are very safe, but there is always a small chance of failure – we will never risk injuring anyone.


What about insurance and qualifications?


Our pilots and systems are fully certified by the CAA for aerial operations in the UK. This certification will extend to shoots in most other countries, so we get permission to fly abroad when and if needed.

We are fully insured for up to 5M public liability and all our equipment is also fully insured whilst operating and whilst in transit.