3D Models and Mapping

Drone Mapping

Drone mapping services and 3D modelling are becoming far more cost effective due to the latest drone camera technology. Our fully licensed and insured drone filming team are able to provide 2D and 3D mapping services to a diverse range of clients in a manner that was previously uneconomical.

Today, clients use our Drone Mapping Services to create 3D visualisations, take measurements and perform calculations on volumes of large areas. We provide 2D and 3D mapping which can be integrated into a wide variety for formats including point cloud for use on client’s own software and CAD systems.

  • Accurate Measurements

  • Volume Calculations

  • Clear & Detailed Mapping

3D Modelling

The use of Drones allows us to capture hi-res aerial data more quickly and more efficiently. Whether this is a model of terrain or a tall man made structure like a bridge or building, 3D Modelling can help assist with multiple applications including:-

  • Monitor movement of large structures (like this castle defence wall)

  • Surveying large plots of land.

  • ​Monitoring and compliance for mining/excavations.

  • Producing hi-res Orthomosaic with elevation data and contour lines.

  • Surveying dangerous buildings which can be viewed from the safety of your computer without the health and safety risk associated with dilapidated or fire damaged structures. 

  • Surveying hard to reach areas such as river banks and bridges.


Our software will process the images from our flight into a 3D model that is imputable into common 3D and CAD software. 3D files can also be exported as regular JPEG and 3D OBJ files.


3D drone mapping and modeling renders can be exported as video animations that are perfect for any presentation.

CAA Approved and Fully Insured

Skyimage is fully insured with £5m public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with permissions for aerial work granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Our pilots are BNUC qualified, operating UAV adhering to strict safety and operational rules.  We operate from a safe location away from all workers and machinery. Safety is our main priority at all times and we can provide risk assessments for every job.

  • All Staff are FULLY trained

  • CAA Approved

  • PPE worn at all times

  • Site survey and risk assessments