UAS for Photogrammetry










UAS in combination with photogrammetry are an emerging technology providing an innovative platform for flexible aerial imagery acquisition.


UAVs provide users the ability to create orthophotos and Digital Surface Models (DSM) from aerial imagery for mid-sized areas previously only accessible at higher costs and with longer planning cycles. UAVs are used in a variety of applications with just some of them listed below.


Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Our cameras shoot high resolution (4608 x 3456 pixel, 28MB RAW or Jpeg) still images for use in print media. However, if the camera is set to record video, screen grab stills can be taken from the footage, if the images are to be used online.


Aerial Photography services include:


  • Property photography from above to enhance Estate Agent listings.

  • A birds eye view of development land.

  • Time lapse photography to show progress on construction sites.

  • Photography for CGI or 3D architectural visualisations 


It is also an exceptionally powerful and informative tool in the water industry, for purposes such as water course tracing, establishing flood extents and structural inspections, along with many other uses.


Our systems are state of the art, providing ultra smooth,ultra-high quality 4K resolution and full HD film. Through the use of FPV (first person view) technology, we are able to stream live footage from the aerial platform to the ground, enabling our pilot, camera operator and client to see what the camera sees giving us flexibility to adjust the shot if neccesary. We have so far found this tool to be extremely popular for promotional and marketing purposes, along with environmental or geographical research.

Some of the aerial filming services we provide:


  • Enhance property listings with 360 degree video

  • Company marketing/promotional videos

  • Damage assessment footage for insurance claims and flooding

  • Aerial views of pylon/cable routes for utilities

  • Infrastructure routes for construction

  • Monitoring crop rotation and livestock movements


Terrain Models

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are ideal for indoor structural surveys, particularly in high space buildings or where access is limited where there is not enough room for scissor lifts or scaffolding to be erected.


Some of the aerial services we provide:


  • structural inspections

  • Photography/Videography for promotional or marketing purposes

  • Internal roof inspections


3D Models



Skyimage has full insurance and public liability insurance of £5m. Sometimes special permissions may need to be granted by the CAA and we can handle the applications process. Before any shoot, we will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft and hazards.


Being licensed by the C.A.A. it may be necessary to obtain special permissions (such as when shooting in City centres or other restricted airspace). We can apply for any additional permissions if required.