UAS for Surveying










Make your surveying Faster, Safer and more cost-effective with our UAS surveying services


Using the latest unmanned aerial systems (UAS) our pilots can capture high quality aerial photography, footage and data to provide aerial surveys of buildings, rooftops, utilities and a number of other applications including:-

Building Surveys

Building Surveys


We can provide both aerial photographs and footage that gives building surveyors a clear view of the structure without the need to erect scaffolding, use cherry pickers or scissor lifts. This not only eliminates the health and safety risks associated with working at height but also allows you to view the structure from multiple angles quickly and easily and more cost effective.

The UAS features a video downlink to monitors on the ground so you can see the footage being captured by our pilots in real time to ensure you're getting exactly what you need. The footage can be saved and viewed/edited at a later date. This makes it ideal for feasibility and planning studies, architectural overlays for modelling and planning drawings, condition surveys, road and bridge inspections, roof surveys and rail track inspections.

We provide aerial Building Surveys throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.


Insurance surveys

Insurance Surveys


UAS are ideal for conducting visual surveys of damaged property from a safe distance. We can provide close up photographs and footage of damage caused by fires, high winds and floods without the risk of entering a potentially unsafe building.

We provide aerial Insurance Surveys throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.


Roof Inspections

Roof Surveys


Roof surveys can be carried out quickly and simply with a UAS. Our systems will capture high resolution footage and stills which a roofing contractor can use to inspect the roof and identify any potential problems and recommend any necessary repairs. If you have solar panels on your roof we can also supply thermal inspection surveys. 

We provide aerial Roof Inspections throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.


Utilities Inspections



Our services are often used by electricity suppliers for pylon and high voltage cable inspections. We also cater for gas suppliers to monitor and inspect pipelines to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks using our UAS SK002 fitted with infrared sensors.

We provide aerial Utilities Inspections throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.


Thermal Inspections

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines


We can provide footage for thermal inspections of solar panels using specialist thermal imaging sensors to highlight inefficiencies after installation or at periodic inspections. We can also provide footage for wind turbine inspections to help assess structure and performance.


These are just some of the many applications that are being made easier, safer and more cost effective thanks to UAS services from us at Skyimage. We understand that each customer has different needs and as such our services are tailored to suit your requirements. 

We provide aerial Thermal Inspections throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East and Nationwide.




Skyimage has full insurance and public liability insurance of £5m. Sometimes special permissions may need to be granted by the CAA and we can handle the applications process. Before any shoot, we will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft and hazards.


Being licensed by the C.A.A. it may be necessary to obtain special permissions (such as when shooting in City centres or other restricted airspace). We can apply for any additional permissions if required.